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Unformatted text preview: ooms Sold 4 Definition of RevPAR Definition of RevPAR RevPAR – ability of a hotel to produce income and how many dollars each room is producing. Room Revenue Number of Available Rooms or Hotel occupancy % x ADR 5 Discussion Question Discussion Question How useful are? A. B. C. OCCUPANCY % ADR RevPAR 6 Discussion Question Answer Discussion Question Answer A. B. C. Used to project room revenues Demonstrate how room revenue is calculated Leads into Revenue Management 7 History of Yield Management History of Yield Management Airline industry’s use of yield Management Deregulation of airlines in late 1970s “Take It or Leave It” Certain periods, certain seats, certain flights… Compare similarities of the airline industry and hotel industry Volatile product Demand periods which places the producers in a favorable position Indicate difference...
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