crises in capitalism washington consensus expansion

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Unformatted text preview: nomy, in J.Ravenhill (ed.) Global Political Economy. Oxford University Press. Inter- war Period •  Period (1918- 1930s) •  Post- WW1 difficul6es •  Great Depression (1929+) •  Massive instability Post- WW2 ‘Golden Age’ •  Period (1945- 1970s) •  Embedded liberalism •  Domes6c economy •  Interna6onal financial system •  Brecon Woods System Age of (Neoliberal) Globaliza1on •  Period (1980 – 2007?) •  Crises in capitalism •  Washington consensus •  Expansion of MNCs / TNCs •  Global integra6on & fragmenta6on Where are things made? & shoes •  Your clothes •  Your electronics •  Your bags, accessories etc. Capturing the Gains Website: hcp:// resources...
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