SOSC1340 Lecture 8

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Unformatted text preview: ) Dicken (2011) Global Shift, Guildford (6th Edition) MNCs Transna1onality Dicken (2011) Global Shift, Guildford (6th Edition) Impacts of Mul1na1onal Corpora1ons Posi1ve & Nega1ve Impacts Posi1ve •  Economy: New investment, Nega1ve •  income, knowledge, tax etc. •  Firms: New customers, export possibili?es, learning •  Community: Upgrade infrastructure •  Employment: New jobs, training •  Poli?cal: State resources Economy: Dependent development, vulnerable, deskilling, marginalize other sectors •  Firms: Increase compe??on for assets, dependent on dominant firm •  Community: Disrupt culture, displace resources •  Employment: Low skill jobs, limited training •  Poli?cal: Marginalize alterna?ves MacKinnon & Cumbers (2007) An Introduc+on to Economic Geography, Pearson Ex...
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