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On public sector organizaons enterprises agencies

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Unformatted text preview: Fp://www.world- exchanges.org/query- tool Terminology •  Sectors of the economy •  Private sector •  Sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited company, public corpora?on •  Public sector •  Organiza?ons, enterprises, agencies, government •  Third Sector / social economy •  Voluntary, charity, social enterprise, NGOs Origins of Mul1na1onal Corpora1ons History •  Joint- stock company •  Social inven?on •  Aggregate financial resources •  Public purpose •  Historical origins •  European trading companies (17th century plus) •  Limita?ons on corpora?ons Korten (2001) When Corpora+ons Rule the World (2nd Ed.), BerreF Koehler. Corporate Revolu1on •  Private business regime •  Bri?sh •  19th century •  Small,...
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