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1978 radio thefirstplugandplay personalcomputer

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Unformatted text preview: Desktop and Portable Computers 1975 Microprocessors all­in­one designs, performance/price tradeoffs aimed at mass audiences personal computers workstations Altair 8080, the first kit micro computer…1975 computer…1975 Developed in the family garage, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs with the First Apple Computer 1976 Computer Radio Shack TRS-80, 1978 Radio The first plug and play personal computer available at retail Programmed in BASIC Very successful Very affordable Limited commercial software Created a cottage industry The Apple II - 1978 The The first commercially available Apple Initially sold to Wall St. bankers who wanted the Spread­sheet program called Visicalc which ran on the Apple II Put Apple on the Map The Osborne 1 - 1981 The The first “portable” personal computer Came with lot’s of software bundled Only weighed about 40 lbs and sold for $1795 Note the large 5” screen! IBM PC - 1982 IBM IBM’s first PC Signaled a significant shift for the giant manufacturer Established a new standard which is still being built on today Operating system written by Bill Gates & Co. at Microsoft The Computer Company that Wasn’t, Xerox Wasn’t, Many of the innovations that became part of the Personal Computer scene were actually invented at XEROX Parc (Palo Alto Research Center) Xerox was never able to successfully exploit those innovations that included the mouse, graphic user interface and the concept of WYSIWYG, (What you see is what you get) Apple MacIntosh - 1984 Apple First PC with GUI interface Adopted from the work that was done at Xerox Designed to be a computer appliance for “Real People” Introduced at the 1984 Superbowl 1984 MacIntosh Ad 1984 Directed by Ridley Scott • (Alien, Blade Runner) Cost $1.5 M Shown ONCE during ‘84 Superbowl at a cost of $500K Considered to be the best TV ad ever! Launched the Mac in grand style! to view: Google “1984 MacIntosh Ad” Just Some of the Companies...
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