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Vastlyimprovedprogramming speedandefficiency univac i

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Unformatted text preview: binary internal encoding CPU–Memory–I/O organization “fetch­decode­ execute” instruction cycle The First real “Computer Scientist” 1906­1992 Invented the first Compiler because she was tired of doing it by hand. Vastly improved programming speed and efficiency UNIVAC I first commercial general­purpose computer system delivered in 1951 used to forecast the 1952 presidential election A Short and Condensed History of Computing of Part III Age of the Mainframe 1951 to 1970 Even in the 1950’s, computers got smaller over time over Four different generations of tube computer circuits showing the reduction in size over several generations of systems during the 1950’s Early Bell Labs Transistor 1947 / 1952 Early “The most important invention of the 20th century…” What was the first thing that we built with this miraculous new technology? technology? A hearing aid ! ….1953 hearing Zenith Royal-T “Tubeless” hearing aid. 3” tall, 2.5” wide A prehistoric iPod? Followed immediately by the first “pocket radio” in 1954 first Jack Kilby - Invents the Integrated Circuit at TI….1957 Integrated commercial use of the IC was First in a pocket calculator - 1961 1960’s….IBM System/360 built using solid­state circuitry family of computer systems with backward compatibility established the standard for mainframes for a decade Gordon Bell, Father of the Minicomputer, Gordon Digital Equipment Corporation Developed the first “Mini” computers 1960­83 Brought computing to small businesses Created major competition for IBM, UNIVAC, who only built Mainframes at the time DEC PDP series “minicomputers” offered mainframe performance at a fraction of the cost PDP­8 introduced at $20,000! Vs. $1M for a Mainframe IBM fights back! IBM IBM 1130, their “small” computer, designed to compete with DEC’s minis Specialized Supercomputers First developed in the late 1970’s high­performance systems used for scientific applications advanced special purpose designs Control Data Corporation, Cray Research, NEC, IBM and others A Short and Condensed History of Computing of Part IV Age of the Personal Computer after 1970 Intel 4004 Microprocessor 1972 1972 First commercially available micro­processor – first used in a programmable calculator This technology made the personal computer possible Contained 2300 transistors and ran at 100 khz...
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