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Pre requisites 1 ab1102 2 use of nancial calculator to

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Unformatted text preview: rsEffective01012013.htm) 4.  Interpretations of accounting standards ( 5.  Exposure drafts ( 6.  Seminar outlines (Course Main Site on Edventure) 7.  Seminar slides (Seminar Group’s Site on Edventure) 7 AC2101 – Course Matters B.  Pre- Requisites 1.  AB1102 2.  Use of financial calculator to do present value- related computations 3.  Bring Clickers to every class 8 4 AC2101 – Course Assessment Components Weights Basis 1 Seminar participation 15 Individual 2 Group project presentation 15 Group & individual (50% each) 3 Term quiz 20 Individual 4 Final exam 50 Individual Total 100 9 Seminar Participation: Expectations (Project Discovery) Pedagogy •  Students take active responsibility for their learning •  Instructor plays a facilitating role A.  Pre- seminar 1.  Complete ALL assigned readings in seminar outline 2.  Attempt ALL assigned questions in seminar outline B.  During seminar 1.  Clicker questions 2.  Voluntary participation 3.  Cold calls C.  Post- seminar 1.  Review seminar slides & discussions 2.  Review/complete assigned questions 3.  Clarify all outstanding questions & doubts 4.  Post updated slides/documents if necessary if your group is in charge of the formal presentations. 10 5 Project Presentation: Expectations A.  Pre- seminar 1.  Project questions available in seminar outline released 2 weeks beforehand 2.  Submit slides in powerpoint format by stipulated deadline as stated on the COURSE OUTLINE (email instructor); clear labeling of project number, seminar group number and members’...
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