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Unformatted text preview: names in the 1st slide 3.  Submit a PDF copy of the slides to Ms. Cindy Chin (email address: [email protected]) who will process all group submissions through Turnitin (the anti- plagiarism software) B.  During seminar presentation 1.  Based on submitted slides, no changes allowed 2.  20 to 25 minutes of presentation time, followed by Q&A by fellow students & instructor 3.  Presentation skills (individual) and presentation contents (group) C.  Post- seminar presentation 1.  Amend slides based on class discussion 2.  Upload revised slides in PDF format to Discussions folder in your respective seminar site within a week from presentation 11 Quiz & Exam: Expectations A.  Term Quiz 1.  Sept 27, 2013 (Fri) 4:30 pm LKC LT 2.  Open book; usually MCQ plus 2 short questions; 1.5 hours 3.  Seminars 1 to 12 (before deferred taxes materials) B.  Final Exam 1.  Nov 28, 2013 (Thurs) 1 pm 2.  Open book; usually three questions with multiple parts; 2.5 hours 3.  Seminars 1 to 23 (i.e., everything) 12 6 Seminar 1 – Fundamental Concepts §༊  Objective of accounting (Review of AB1102) §༊  Why do we need accounting? (Review of AB1102) §༊  Characteristics of useful accounting information (Review of AB1102) §༊  What does the generation of accounting information involve? §༊  Recognition §༊  Measurement §༊  Disclosure 13 Use of Clickers Please set your clicker channel to this SR’s channel number: 1.  Press the “Go” button on your clicker 2.  Enter the SR’s channel number (XX) 3.  Press the “Go” button on your clicker again. You should see a flashing green l...
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