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G 3 months before maturity holder collected

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Unformatted text preview: from the ISSUER’s perspective 9 28/8/13 Fair Value thru P&L: Reclassification Note: *  “Reclassification in or out” is not allowed (FRS39:50) *  Effective 1 July 2008, FRS39:50B allows reclassification out of FVPL only in rare circumstances *  The fair value of the financial asset on the date of reclassification becomes its new cost or amortised cost, as applicable. (FRS39:9) 19 Held- to- Maturity (HTM) These are investment in debt securities which the entity has the intention and the ability to hold until maturity date (FRS 39:9) Assessment of intention and ability to be done at *  date of recognition and *  each subsequent B/S date (FRS 39:AG25) 10 28/8/13 Held- to- Maturity (HTM) Bond accounting (Terminology) *  Bond issued at par, discount or premium *  Coupon vs. effective interest rate *  Present value computation *  Quoted prices of bonds *  Effective interest rate method 21 Held- to- Maturity (HTM) §༊  Upon recognition Ø།  Fair value + transaction costs (FRS39:43) §༊  At B/S da...
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