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usually in nancial risk management section of notes

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Unformatted text preview: to classify fair value measurements using a Fair Value Hierarchy that reflects the significance of the inputs used in making the measurements (covered in Seminar 2 under FRS 113). *  Usually in financial risk management section of notes to the financial statements. *  Other required details include information on reclassification (para 12), derecognition (para 13), collateral (para 14). Extent of risks etc. (para 31- 42) 5 FRS 113 – Fair Value Measurement (Slide from S2) §༊  Valuation Techniques •  Price can be directly observable or estimated using valuation technique but valuation technique should maximize (minimize) use of relevant observable (unobservable) inputs •  Inputs to valuation techniques are categorized into 3 levels known as the FAIR VALUE HIERARCHY: Ø།  Level 1 inputs = unadjusted quo...
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