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Sucient taxable td same tax authority entity b taxable

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Unformatted text preview: Clicker question) Revenue received in advance CA > TB Deductible à༎ DTA 25 Exceptions to the Recognition of DTL/A *  However, there are three EXCEPTIONS to the recognition of DTL/DTA: *  DTL/A that arises from goodwill (negative goodwill) (AA306/ AC3102) *  DTL/A that arises from investments in subsidiaries, branches and associates and interests in join ventures (AA 306/AC3102) *  DTL/A that arises from the initial recognition of an asset or liability in a transaction *  which is not a business combination; and *  which at the time of transaction, affects neither accounting profit nor taxable profit (FRS 12:15). *  Usually items that gives rise to permanent differences 26 13 Main Sources of TD 1.  Balance sheet items (Illustrations 1- 3) 2.  Items that do not appear as an asset or liability in the balance sheet but may have a tax base (≠ 0) (Let’s discuss Illustration 4) 27 Main Sources of TD 1.  Balance sheet items (Illustrations...
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