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Depends on the employee stock option or equity plans

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Unformatted text preview: (otherwise known as an exercise price) §༊  Over a specified period of time (otherwise known as an exercise period) 10 5 16/10/13 Introduction to ESOs §༊  How does it usually work? 1/1/01 31/12/03 Vesting date Grant/Measurement date E.g., # ESO = 10m Exercise price = $1 30/6/04 Expiration date (to become fully entitled to options) Vesting period (usually Exercise period the period over which ESO expense is recognized) (how much must the share price be before the employees will exercise their options?) 11 Introduction to ESOs *  Awarded to employees in return for employees satisfying certain conditions 12 6 16/10/13 Introduction to ESOs §༊  What conditions must the employees fulfil? §༊  Depends on the employee stock option or equity plans. §༊  Generally, there are TWO types of conditions… 13 Introduction to ESOs (1)  Vesting conditi...
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