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Equity settled sbpt when to credit liability cash

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Unformatted text preview: st achieve 40 Continuing Professional Education (“CPE”) hours yearly. 5.  The COO must have served at least 1 year prior to the ESOP 15 Introduction to ESOs Ø། What is the form of payment in ESOs? Ø། Shares Ø། Hence, we study FRS 102 Share- based Payment 16 8 16/10/13 FRS 102 Share- based Payment §༊  Effective date: Ø།  Listed companies: 1/1/2005 Ø།  Others: 1/1/2006 (Note: For employee stock option: FRS 102 is effective for all ESO plans that were issued after 22/11/2002 and not vested as at 1/1/2005 or 1/1/2006) Ø།  Any guess as to how 22/11/2002 was selected? 17 FRS 102 Share- based Payment Share- based payment transactions (PT): 1.  Equity- settled share- based PT 2.  Cash- settled share- based PT 3.  PT of either above forms and the right to choose can lie with either the entity or the counterparty (not in syllabus) FRS102:2 18 9 16/10/13 FRS 102 - Recognition §༊  Requires all share- based payment transactions (SBPT) to be recognized in financial statements §༊  To be recognized when the goods are obtained...
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