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Recognize 150 each in 20x2 20x3 3 recognize 300 in

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Unformatted text preview: with accomplishment b.  Rational and systematic allocation c.  Immediate write- off 3 Decreasing degree of matching Clicker Seminar Question 1 1.  Recognize $200 warranty expense in 20x2 & $100 in 20x3 2.  Recognize $150 each in 20x2 & 20x3 3.  Recognize $300 in 20x1 4 2 16/10/13 Matching by Allocation Systematic & rational allocation Examples: *  Cost of goods sold (Self- study P1) *  Depreciation (Self- study P2) *  Amortization (Self- study P3) 5 When to Write- off? Generally, there are 3 treatments when a firm “spends money” a.  Amount is provided for before it is incurred (PROVISION) b.  Amount is capitalized when it is incurred & then subsequently amortized (CAPITALISATION AND AMORTISATION) c.  Amount is expensed when it is incurred (WRITE- OFF) 6 3 16/10/13 When to Write- o...
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