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Unformatted text preview: 10‐km‐ diameter asteroid striking the Earth. Vocabulary compaction inverted stratigraphy complex crater modification compression overturned layers ejecta simple crater excavation Geologic Dating & Earth History Understand, and be able to apply (like to an imaginary cross‐section of part of the Earth, or to an image of the Lunar surface, for example) the Principles of Relative Dating. Be able to list, explain and use, the Principles of Relative Dating. Understand the difference between “uniformitarianism” and “catastrophism.” Know some of the possible causes of Earth’s mass extinctions, and what a mass extinction is (see “impact cratering,” for example). Understand the extraordinarily small amount of Earth’s history that humans have been a part of. Be able to define “isotope” and “half‐life.” Be able to explain the natural process of radioactive decay (you don’t have to memorize the differences between alpha, beta, & gamma particles), and how it can be used to determine abs...
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