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Unformatted text preview: photosynthesis is impossible at mid‐ocean ridges. Be able to explain what main science we were trying to answer with our research cruise to the Galapagos Spreading Center. You need to include both “hot spot” and “mid‐ocean ridge volcanism” in your answer. Know roughly the range of spreading rates associated with “slow” and “fast” mid‐ ocean ridges on Earth. Know what a “black smoker” is and how it forms. Earthquakes Be able to explain how we know that Earth’s outer core is liquid. What is a fault? What are the 3 main types of faults? Which faults would we expect to find at the different types of plate boundaries? Be able to describe what an earthquake is. Know the difference between the 3 main types of seismic waves that earthquakes make, and how we use those differences to tell us about Earth’s interior and the location of the earthquake. Know the difference between the epicenter and the focus of an earthquake. Be able to explain how to locate the epicenter of an earthquake, and know what the process is called (triangulation). Know the difference between the Mercalli Intensity Scale and the Richter Scale for measuring earthquakes, and know why both scales are still in use today. Understand that we can’t predict earthquakes, and why we can’t. What kind of plate boundary makes the most dangerous & damaging earthquakes, and...
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