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Use it before subject particle give emphasis on the

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Unformatted text preview: 이/가 아니에요. http://kleartextbook.com/category/b_beginning/lesson-ppt/ 1 G 1.5 N1은/는 N2이(가) 아니에요 (p.50) Negative equational expressions NOUN 1 = NOUN 2 Noun 1 은/는 Noun 2 이에요/예요. 유미는학생이에요. NOUN 1 ≠ NOUN 2 Noun 1 은/는 Noun 2 이/가 아니에요. 유미는선생님이아니에요. Negativeequationalexpression (N1≠N2) N1은/는N2(이/가)아니에요. “AsforN1,...
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