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thing item belonging in writingformal setting vs

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Unformatted text preview: 아버지à༎my(our)father 학생(의)이름 à༎astudent’sname  http://kleartextbook.com/category/b_beginning/lesson-ppt/ PossessivePronouns N1(possessor)(의)N2(possessed) 한국의대통령(president)à༎박근혜 미국의대통령(president)à༎버락오바마  의‘of’ Pronounced[에] usedtomeanpossessionor‘of’ 의isusuallydroppedinconversations.  마이클( onversationswhen 의isusedinc의) 책 à༎ (Michael’s book)bothnouns refertoabstractconcepts. 한국의수도 Possessivepronounsareformedbycombini ngtheregularpronouns‘나’and...
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