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Unformatted text preview: + 으셨어요: 읽 + 으셨어요 VS(- v) + 셨어요: 가 + 셨어요 여행하다: 여행하셨어요 앉다: 앉으셨어요 받다: 받으셨어요 듣다: 들으셨어요 (before a vowel) 살다: 사셨어요 (before ㄴ, ㅂ, ㅅ, 으) 바쁘다: 바쁘셨어요 춥다: 추우셨어요 (before a vowel) 8 쓰다 to write, to use, to wear (a hat) 쓰 + 어요 à༎ 써요 (plain) 썼어요 쓰 + 세요 à༎ 쓰세요 (honorific) 쓰셨...
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