SP14 1362 Extra Credit Quiz 1 with answers


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Unformatted text preview: nt phenotype for a p articular trait B) Co‐dominance: for a particular trait, a heterozygote expresses only on e form of the allele for the trait C) Dominant allele: for any trait, it will be the form that is most common in the population D) Incomplete dominance: for a particular trait, the heterozygote appear to be a blend of the parents rs *E) Two of the above are not correct. 3 12) Which statement below is true? A) During mitosis, the term “chromatid” is applicable in referring to the genetic material for cells in Telophase of mitosis. B) Prometaphase of mitosis is characterized by the splitting of chromatids and movement of chromosomes to opposite poles of the cell. *C) Telophase of mitosis is characterized by the presence of a single cell containing two diploid nuclei. D) Anaphase of mitosis is characterized by the presence of a nuclear membrane and the presence...
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