SP14 1362 Extra Credit Quiz 1 with answers


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Unformatted text preview: recessive B) autosomal dominant *C) A and B are both possible inheritance patterns. D) None of the above are possible choices. 8) For a particular trait, an organism has the genotype Dd. Based on this information you can be certain that: A) the father of this offspring has the dominant D allele for this trait. B) that the genotype of the gametes of this organism will either be 100% D (dominant allele) or 100% d (recessive allele). *C) the organism has a 50% chance of transferring either allele (D or d) t o his/her offspring. D) one parent of this organism must be of the genotype DD for this trait. E) all the above are correct 9) A male giraffe has 36 chromosomes in its sperm. In this giraffe, how m any chromosomes would a cell in Prophase 1 of meiosis have? A) 18 B) 36 D) 144 E ) 0 *C) 72 w 10) A male giraffe has 36 chromosomes in its sperm. In this giraffe, how many chromatids would a cell in metaphase of mitosis have? B) 36 *D) 144 A) 18 E ) 0 C) 72 11) Which of the following is not correct? A) Test cross: determines the genotype of a domina...
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