SP14 1362 Extra Credit Quiz 1 with answers

Withresp ecttothelengthgenelongshorttheorganismis

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Unformatted text preview: are true. 2 6) A certain (hypothetical) organism is diploid, has either blue or orange wings as the consequence of one of its genes, and has either long or short antennae as the result of a second gene, as shown in the figure above. A female with a paternal set of one orange gene chromosome and one lon g gene chromosome and a maternal set comprised of one blue gene chromosome and one short gene chromosome. With resp ect to the length gene (long/short), the organism is expected to produce which of the following types of eggs after meiosis? A) Only eggs containing the long gene B) Only eggs containing the short gene *C) half the eggs have the long gene and half the eggs have the short gen e D) 75 percent of the eggs have the long gene and 25 percent of the eggs have the short gene E) An intermediate frequency of long and short gene eggs 7) A particular genetic disorder is present in a family as shown in the ped igree. What is the pattern of inheritance of the allele causing this condition? A) autosomal...
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