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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] 字符类型 char, signed char, unsigned char char和int之间的相互转换(由实现决定) wchar_t类型,用于保存更大的字符集里的 字符,如Unicode,具体大小由实现决定, 该名字来源于C语言,是一个typedef 对于字符类型可以进行算术和逻辑运算 字符文字量(字符常量),如’a’,’0’,’\n’等 宽字符文字量形式为L’ab’,引号中的字符个 数由wchar_t决定,其类型是wchar_t Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing [email protected] 字符类型示例 八进制 十六进制 十进制 ASCII 大字符集 \6 \x6 6 ACK \uXXXX 或者 \UXXXX \60 \x30 48 ‘0’ \u1e2b \137 \x05f 95 ‘_’ \uXXXX等价于\U0000XXXX char char char char v1 v2 v3 v4 = = = = “a\xah\129”; “a\xah\127”; “a\xad\127”; “a\xad\0127”; Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing [email protected] 字符类型程序示例 char c = 255; // 0xff int i = c; 问题:i = ? 解决方法:使用unsigned char 或者 signed char标明 但是有些函数只接受普通char类型 void f(char c, signed char sc, unsigned char uc) { char* pc = &uc...
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This note was uploaded on 02/10/2014 for the course ECE C++ taught by Professor Xiaoshengtang during the Fall '13 term at BUPT.

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