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Unformatted text preview: template<class T> T max(T,T); const int s = 7; void k(){ max(1,2); // max<int> max('a','b'); // max<char> max(2.7,4.9); // max<double> max(s,7); // max<int>(int(s),7) max(‘a’,1); // 错误,歧义 max(2.7,4); // 错误,歧义 } void f() { // 显式限定,避免歧义 max<int>(‘a’,1); max<double>(2.7,4); } Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing young@buptnet.edu.cn 模板函数重载示例 也可以增加适当的声明来避免歧义 int max(int i, int j) {return max<int>(i,j);} double max(int i, double d){return max<double>(i,d);} double max(double d, int i){return max<double>(d,i);} double max(double d1, double d2) {return max<double>(d1,d2);} void g() { max('a',1); // max(in...
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