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36 ios beijing university of posts telecommunications

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Unformatted text preview: 不抛出异常 ~auto_ptr() throw() { delete ptr; } //注意,复制构造函数和赋值都用非const参数 auto_ptr(auto_ptr& a) throw(); // 复制,而后a.ptr=0 template<class Y> auto_ptr(auto_ptr<Y>& a) throw(); // 复制,而后a.ptr=0 auto_ptr& operator=(auto_ptr& a) throw(); // 复制,而后a.ptr=0 template<class Y> auto_ptr& operator=(auto_ptr<Y>& a) throw(); // 复制,而后a.ptr=0 Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing [email protected] auto_ptr的声明 // 运算符重载 X& operator*() const throw() { return *ptr; } X* operator->() const throw() { return ptr; } X* get() const throw() { return ptr; } // 提取指针 X* release() throw() { X* t=ptr; ptr=0; return t; } // 放弃所有权 void reset(X* p=0) throw() { if(p!=ptr) {delete ptr; ptr=p; }} }; auto_ptr(auto_ptr_ref<X...
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