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Unformatted text preview: 件x和锁y,这些请求都 可能失败并抛出异常,若普通 设计,程序员需要写大量代码 为此,可以使用两个类(子对 象)来实现该类,这使得程序 员根本不必去考虑任何异常情 况 若在创建了aa但还没有bb的情 况下出现了异常,aa的析构函 数会被调用,bb的则不会 Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing [email protected] 示例 class Y{ int* p; void init(); public: Y(int s) { p=new int(s); init(); } ~Y(){delete p;} //... }; class Z{ vector<int> p; void init(); public: Z(int s) : p(s) { init(); } // ... }; // 改进后的代码 // 一段有问题的代码,可能 导致存储流失 Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing [email protected] 14.4.2 auto_ptr 标准库提供的auto_ptr支持“资源申请即初始化”的 技术 下例中,Rectangle和由pc所指向的Circle都将被 删除,无论是否有异常被抛出 void f(Point p1, Point p2, auto_ptr<Circle> pc, Shape* pb) { auto_ptr<Shape> p(new Rectangle(p1,p2)); /...
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This note was uploaded on 02/10/2014 for the course ECE C++ taught by Professor Xiaoshengtang during the Fall '13 term at BUPT.

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