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Educn 1524 class storable class radio public public

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Unformatted text preview: 划的设计决策,可以如下解决 class A{ public: int f(int); char f(char); }; class B{ public: double f(double); }; class AB:public A, public B{ public: using A::f; void g(AB& ab){ using B::f; ab.f(1); // A::f(int) char f(char); ab.f('a');// AB::f(char) // 遮蔽A::f(char) ab.f(2.0);// B::f(double) AB f(AB); ab.f(ab); // AB::f(AB) }; } Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing [email protected] 15.2.3 重复的基类 一个类两次作为基类是可能的,例如: Task和Displayed都是从Link派生而来,在 一个Satallite中就会出现两个Link 当引用Link中的元素时,注意必须加以限定 struct Link { Link *next; }; void mess_with_links(Satellite* p){ p->next = 0; // 错误,歧义性 p->Link::next = 0; // 错误,歧义性 p->Task::next = 0; // ok p->Displayed::next = 0; // ok } Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing [email protected] 覆盖 重复基类中的虚函数可以由派生类里的函数 覆盖 class Storable{ public: virtual void write() = 0; virtual void read()=0; virtual const char* get_file() = 0; }; class Transimitter: public Storable{ public: void write();}; class Receiver:public Storable{ public: void write(); }; class Radio:public Transimitter, public Receiver{ void write(); }; void Radio::write(){ Transmitter::write(); Receiver::write(); }// 一种典型应用方式,覆盖函数首先调用基类中的版本,然后做 // 有关派生类的特殊工作 Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Beijing [email protected] 15.2.4 虚基类 class Storable{ class Radio: public: public Transmitter, Storable(const char* s); public Receiver{ virtual void read() = 0; public: virtual void write() = 0; void write(); virtual ~Storable(); }; private: const char* store; Storable稍加修 Storable(const Storable&); 改,继承方式需要 Storable& operator=(const Storable&); 改变,以便能处理 }; 一个对象的存储 class Transmitter:public virtual Storable{ 了多个副本的共享 p...
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