C gas left behind when the qso formed d clouds of hot

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Unformatted text preview: eft behind when the QSO formed. D. Clouds of hot gas fed by jets of gas from the QSO. 1 Test Form: B ____ 5. To account for all the QSOs seen in the distant universe, how many nearby galaxies must once have harbored a QSO? A. Only the giant elliptical galaxies. B. About 1% of all spiral and elliptical galaxies. C. Nearly all the spiral and elliptical galaxies. D. Nearly all galaxies, including the many dwarf irregular galaxies. ____ 6. The A. B. C. D. ____ 7. Hubble's law says: A. elliptical galaxies evolve into spiral or barred spiral galaxies. B. the luminosity of a galaxy is inversely proportional to its distance. C. the distance to a galaxy is proportional to its radial velocity. D. there is a relation between the pulsation period and luminosity of Cepheid variable stars. ____ 8. How do we know that there is a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy? A. It has a high luminosity, about 1% of the luminosity of a QSO. B. It is ejecting two jets at nearly the speed of light and the jets are emitting synchrotron radiation. C. We see stars o...
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