N rejected region is rr 2 2 where 2 is chosen using

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Unformatted text preview: sis is Ha = {the two classif ications are dependent}. Test statistic is r c 2 χ= i=1 j =1 (nij − E (xij ))2 , E (xij ) E (xij ) = Ri C j . n Rejected region is RR = {χ2 > χ2 }, α where χ2 is chosen using the Table VII of McClave and Benson for the α degrees of freedom df = (r − 1)(c − 1). Example. Suppose an automobile manufacturer is interested in determining the relationship between the size and manufacturer of purchased cars basing on a sample of 1,000 buyers. Let the data be as in table 4 A. Zhensykbaev Categorical data analysis Manufacturer A B C D Total Small 157 65 181 10 413 Intermediate 126 82 142 46 396 Large 58 45 60 28 191 Total 341 192 383 84 1,000 This is a contingency table with multinomial count data classified on two dimensions. The probabilities associated with data in the Table are as follows Manufacturer Small Intermediate Large Total A p11 p21 p31 pA B p12 p22 p32 pB C p13 p23 p33 pC D Total p14 p1 p24 p2 p34 p3 pD 1 where, for example, p22 is the probability to buy intermediate car of manufacturer B ,...
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