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The benefit approach implies tax payment based on the

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Unformatted text preview: ch implies tax payment based on The benefit received and emphasized quid pro quo terms in the relationship between the government and the taxpayers. In the ability approach, the question of benefit In received from the government expenditure is not considered and the contribution to exchequer is viewed as an independent problem. viewed From the earliest time, equity and justice in taxation From has been a universally accepted goal of taxation. There are two aspects of the problem of equity. There 25 Burden of Taxation : Burden Equal treatment for equals: All the persons who are Equal placed on similar economic circumstances should bear the same burden of : taxation. bear Relative burden for unequal: Those who are better off should pay more taxes and should bear a greater burden of taxation. burden There is general agreement between economists on There these two points, but there is difference of opinion among economists and statesman on the realization of equity in practice. For instance, what e...
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