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Unformatted text preview: cle License, Gun license. Vehicle Here, governmental authority confers a permission or Here, a privilege rather perform a service of a more tangible and definite sort. and 5 Public Revenue Various sources of Public Revenue: 4. Special Assessments: 4. Special "A compulsory contribution levied in proportion to the special "A benefit derived to defray the cost of a specific improvement to property undertaken in the public interest/" – Seligman property When the government undertakes certain activities of public When improvement like construction of roads, street lighting, irrigation and infrastructure etc, it confers, a benefit on the community as a whole. The state, therefore, may impose some special levy to recover a part of the expenses incurred. 5. Price: Price is derived by the government by selling some Price: goods and services of public enterprises like city bus, electricity, post and others. In this way, government also earns revenue from the production of commodities like steel and...
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