Property this approach has some drawbacks also this

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Unformatted text preview: some drawbacks also. This This principle assumes the assessment of benefit received by each person which is quite unrealistic and impractical. It may be valid in the earlier days where the government provides very few services, but at present the government represents the welfare state, this has rendered impossible any general use of 29 benefit principle. Benefit Principle: Benefit Moreover, the benefit approach would mean : the same per capita contribution to rich and poor in case of many services. This actually brings injustice in tax structure. If this principle is followed blindly it will definitely result inequality and injustice. Besides this may be forced to give up some of the most essential expenditure such as education, public health etc. education, 30 Tax Rate in KZ Corporate Tax 20% Income Tax 10% for residents And non-residents Minimum monthly salary is set at 18,660 tenge for 2013 VAT 12% Pension Tax 10% of salary Social deduction 5% by the employers Property Tax 1.5% of legal entity Mineral Extraction Tax 10% 31...
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