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Locate cis122project3py the file you just created and

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Unformatted text preview: cis122project3.py.) To submit your project, login to Blackboard. From the menu on the left hand side of the screen, choose "Projects". In the projects folder, choose "Submit Strings and Things”. In Section 2 of the page that is displayed, scroll down to "Attach file" and choose "Browse My Computer". Locate cis122project3.py (the file you just created), and double click on it. The file name will appear on the "Attached Files" list. At the bottom of Section 2, you will see a "Comments" window. This is where you credit all of the sources of any help you may have received on this assignment, including your partner if you are working in a programming pair. This is also the place to include any feedback you may have about the assignment and/or any remaining questions you may have. Scroll down to Section 3 and hit the "Submit" button. You may re ­submit your project up until the project deadline. Only the final submission will be graded. (0) A month of money function Write a Python function, eom, that takes one input, the number of days in the month, and returns the number reached by the end of the month, by starting with one cent on the first day of the month, and doubling it each day of the month (as in project 1 #7). You may want to use the function design recipe* to help you get started. Challenge: Write a function, main_eom, that calls eom and prints the return value in USD currency format (i.e., with a dollar sign to the left and two places to the right of the decimal). (1a) Skittles and strings We have some information about a big bag of skittles, but we need to know more. Write a function, skittles, to help determi...
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