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Example 1 if your balance is 1000 then your function

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Unformatted text preview: > max_trans2(126, 238, 326, 413, 515) [should return 413] >>> max_trans2(222, 110, 411, 54, 73) [should return 110] >>> max_trans2(227, 337, 135, 56, 73) [should return 135] (1) (CS Circles) (5 pts.) A credit card company computes a customer's "minimum payment" according to the following rule. The minimum payment is equal to either $10 or 2.1% of the customer's balance (.021 * balance), whichever is greater; but if this exceeds the balance, then the minimum payment is the balance. Write a function, minimum_payment, to return the minimum payment using min and max. Balance should be an input (parameter) to your function. Test your function on the following input values. Example 1: if your balance is 1000, then your function should return 21.0. Example 2: if your balance is 600, then your function should return 12.6. Example 3: if your bala...
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