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This is also the place to include any feedback you

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Unformatted text preview: file you just created), and doubleclick on it. The file name will appear on an "Attached Files" list that you will see. At the bottom of Section 2, you will see a "Comments" window. This is where you credit all of the sources of any help you may have received on this assignment, including your partner if you are working in a programming pair. This is also the place to include any feedback you may have about the assignment and/or any remaining questions you may have. Scroll down to Section 3 and hit the "Submit" button. You may re ­submit your project up until the project deadline. Only the final submission will be graded. (0) (CS Circles) Part 1 (5 pts.) There is a single road between the two cities. The road has three bridges with weight limits a, b, c, as shown in the picture below: To drive along the route, your truck needs to drive first over the bridge with weight limit a, then the one...
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