challenge redo function namedisplay from project 3

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Unformatted text preview: ver_loc twice, one time to get the x coordinate and another time to get the y coordinate of the rover’s next location.) • Move the rover (turtle) to the new location and mark the position. (You may want to explore the stamp() and dot() functions, for example, or use your square or triangle.) Show the turtle’s path (i.e., move the turtle with the pen in the down position). • Collect data at this location: assign local variables (i.e., variables defined inside the function) to the values returned from calls to the water_content and temp functions. • Display the data: use the Python print function to display the x and y coordinates of the rover, and the data for the water content and temperature at this location. Function mars_explore has no parameters and does not return a value. Test your function after each step is completed. Do not wait until the...
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