Examples are given for function calls the examples

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Unformatted text preview: end! When the function is completed, call it a few times to see different explorations. (Challenge) Display the temperature and water content data on the turtle canvas, as well as in the Python Shell. (Explore the turtle write function.) (Challenge) Re ­do function name_display from project 3, but this time display the name (and any other decorations you care to add) in the turtle output window. Grading Rubric This project will be marked out of 30 points. Functions square, square (revised), triangle, house, and art show are worth 4 points each (1 point each for header, docstring, good attempt code, and working code/output), for a total of 20 points. Functions water_content and temp are worth 2 points each (.5 each for header, docstring, good attempt, working code), for 4 more points. Function mars_explore is 6 points total: 1 point for function header, 1 point for the docstring, 2 points for go...
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