You will use a method from the random module which

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Unformatted text preview: args specify an absolute position, not relative movement.) Test the function: >>> house() (1) Art show: Start by writing a function, art_show, to have the turtle draw a simple line drawing of anything you like (for example, a house). Then add details. Parameters are up to you; art_show does not return a value. (2) Exploring Mars: The Python “turtle” is essentially a robot which is controlled with Python code. Write a program that will send a robot to conduct a short exploration of the surface of Mars. You will use a method from the random module, which means you will need to add code to “import random” at the top of your Python file. Start by entering the following function into your Python file. (Cutting and pasting from .pdf is not recommended, but you can download this code from the class website or, probably best, type it i...
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