greeting the message for today is hello 3 given

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Unformatted text preview: = ‘hello’ Show the result of entering the following into the Python Shell: >>> ‘greeting’ ‘greeting’ >>> greeting ‘hello’ >>>> print('The message for today is %s.' % (greeting)) The message for today is hello. (3) Given the following Python code: def skittles(): ''' print the number of skittles of each color no return value ''' ttl = input(‘how many skittles are there altogether? ‘) # user says 100 ttl = int(ttl) o = 5 g = o ** 2 y = ttl  ­ (o + g) print(‘skittles’ + ‘skittles’) # checkpoint 1 print(o, g, y, ttl) # final checkpoint When skittles is called – skittles() – and the user indicates there are 100 skittles total when asked, what will be printed at each checkpoint? checkpoint 1: skittlesskittles final checkpoint: 5 25 70 100 (4) Given the following Python code: def sort3(x, y, z): # sorts x, y, and z into ascending order # and returns the...
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