In the example below spirolateralmain calls

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Unformatted text preview: ter spirolateral is defined, write another function, spirolateral_main, that takes one input, name, and calls spirolateral (passing name as the input arg) as many times as there are letters in name. In the example below, spirolateral_main calls spirolateral five times (the length of name ‘Ducks’). >>> spirolateral_main(‘Ducks’) (2) Turtle Race: Line up three or more turtles at a starting line on the left side of the turtle canvas, and have them race to a finish line on the right side of the canvas. Here are some questions to think about as you write the program: a) How will you determine how each turtle moves? b) How will you test whether a turtle has won? c) What will you do when a turtle wins? (3) Hangman: Write a function, hangman, that will allow a user to play the game of hangman ( against the computer. Functions selectWord and checkWord from project 6 and promptUser and displayWord from project 7 will be helpful. Starter code is available at . Her...
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