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Cemcuwaterlooca16recursion 7 program using the tkinter

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Unformatted text preview: n the nested list. Your code should return the boolean value True when it is contained in the nested list, and False if it is not contained in it. For example, >>> nestedListContains([1, [2, [3], 4]], 3) True >>> nestedListContains([1, [2, [3], 4]], 5) False What makes this challenge very challenging (and interesting), is that nestedListContains will be a recursive function, that is, a function that calls itself. The nestedListContains function will be similar to the nestedListSum function that is described at http://cscircles.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/16 ­recursion/ . (7) Program using the tkinter module. You choose – something new or something old. For example, you could do the pizza calculator with a graphical user interface. Grading Rubric This project will be marked out of 24 points. Each problem is 12 pts: 2 points for (a) function header and docstring, 5 points for (b) good attempt code and 5 points for (c) working code/correct output. Getting Started Write your program using an...
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