Movies important dates and save it then write a python

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Unformatted text preview: e are some questions to think about as you write the program: a) What happens during each turn? b) What variables might you need to keep track of the game? c) How will you determine whether the player has won (or lost)? d) What will you do when the game is over? (4) Files: Use a simple text editor (for example, the IDLE editor), create a file (of favorite foods? movies? important dates?) and save it. Then write a Python function, processfile, that opens the file, creates a list of each item in the file, sorts the list, and prints it. (5) Files/urllib: Use Python urllib to access one or more web page(s). Then search the web page and report and/or process data from the web page. (If you don’t have a particular web page in mind, the Time Series Data Library might be a good place to look.) (6) Searching a Nested List (Project 7 Challenge/Computer Science Circles): Define a function, nestedListContains, that takes a nested list nl of integers and an integer target, and indicates whether target is contained anywhere i...
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