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The interconnect is sll not cost neutral but noce

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Unformatted text preview: approach: the same single pixel can be operated on in different ways. ALGO ALGORITHM DATA D A L G O D A T A T A A L G O A DATA Interconnec=ng Machines 8         The inherently ­distributed system case is, finally, one in which an interconnect binds together different centralized systems taken as autonomous components. The interconnect is s=ll not cost ­ neutral, but no=ce that the grain of func=onality is much larger now. The interconnect cost is paid for complete computa=ons, not just data accesses. In computer architecture, this is oKen referred to as MIMD (mul=ple instruc=on, mul=ple data). ALGO ALGORITHM DATA D A L G O D A T A T A A L G O A DATA Interconnects at Various Scales 9   Chip:     a bus connects, e.g., mul=ple cores. Parallel Machines/ Appliances:     a very fast interconnect (e.g., InfiniBand) binds together mul=ple, specially ­assembled compu=ng and storage resources. Clusters of worksta=ons (COW):     Network of worksta=ons (NOW):     the interconnect is now across racks that pile up commodity machines. the interconnect is now a local area network (LAN), such as an Ethernet. Web/Grid:   the interconnect is now a wide ­ area network (WAN) such as the Internet. Networks as Interconnects 10   The distributed systems that are most familiar to everyone can be understood as MIMD, also called shared ­nothing, architectures.   Another feature is that the interconnect in their case is a full ­blown network, not just a piece of electronics or advanced cabling technology.   Above all, in their...
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