Udp only ensures that there will be no corrupon udp

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Unformatted text preview: ocol is the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), used to retrieving text documents by link traversal. SMTP + POP3/IMAP are used for email; VoIP for audio. The best know transport protocol is the transmission control protocol (TCP), though the user datagram protocol (UDP) is widely used where it is most suited for. The internet protocol (IP) is the almost universal internet layer protocol for rou=ng in the Internet. Protocol Instances (2) 21   Some basic differences between TCP and UDP include:     TCP is connec(on ­oriented, UDP is not. TCP is reliable, it ensures that the message payload will be: •  complete (by reques=ng acknowledgement of receipt of a packet and resending if it fails to receive that acknowledgement), •  intact (by adding a checksum to each packet that reveals en ­ro...
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