The clientconnected socket must be ordered to

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Unformatted text preview: for a given transport (e.g., TCP) and internet protocol (e.g., IPv4); Set the “server” socket op=ons (e.g., at socket ­ level, whether it is reusable); Bind the “server”socket to a host address (e.g., localhost) and a port (e.g., 51243); Start listening to connec=ons on the “server” socket (but does not block here) and set the maximum number (e.g., 5) that could be le] wai=ng; Server ­Side Sockets (3) 14   The connec=on ­handling stage is a loop in which:           The “server” socket first blocks wai=ng to accept connec=ons; When a connec=on is accepted, two pieces of informa=on result: the new, client ­connected socket that has been created and the host and port of connec=ng client; The server process then handles the connec=on, e.g., it could spawn a dispatcher (e.g., a thread) passing it the socket to be used and start it; The serve...
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