Argv1 filename sysargv2 gopher uses port 70 s

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Unformatted text preview: happens in chunks). The socket is then discarded. An Example Socket ­Level Client (1) 10         Gopher is a pre ­Web menu ­driven file retrieval protocol So, it is sort of HTTP with menus instead of hyperlinks. A Gopher server sits on port 70 You can get at one from Firefox, e.g., try: gopher://   For a bit of history: gopher:// An Example Socket ­Level Client (2) 11 #!/usr/bin/env python # Simple Gopher Client : adapted by AAAF from (c) John Goerzen # $ ./ /gopher/welcome import socket, sys port = 70 host = sys.argv[1] filename = sys.argv[2] # Gopher uses port 70 s = socket.socket( # create a TCP/IP socket \ socket.AF_INET, # denotes IPv4 \ socket.SOCK_STREAM) # denotes TCP try: s.connect((host, port)) # (TCP is connection-oriented) except socket.error, e: print "Error connecting to server: %s" % e sys.exit(1) # We've got a connection! s.sendall(filename + "\...
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