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G ipv4 connect to a server eg wwwgooglecom on the

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Unformatted text preview: cket is best understood as the endpoint of a conversa=on. Client ­side sockets are o]en short ­lived, e.g., in a web browser, a socket is created to send a request and receive the response, once that is done, that socket is discarded. Client ­Side Sockets (2) 9   The client ­side set ­up stage is as follows:         The message ­exchange stage can now take place:       Create the socket for a given transport (e.g., TCP) and internet protocol (e.g., IPv4); Connect to a server (e.g., www.google.com) on the port corresponding to the desired protocol (e.g., 80, for HTTP); When the connect returns without error, the client ­side set ­ up is done. The client sends the request (e.g., for an HTML page) through its socket. Then, through the same socket, it waits for the response to be received and process it (typically this...
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