For example mobile clients ie a resource from

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Unformatted text preview: .103/index.html   To T3: MigraEon Transparency (2) 11   MigraEon transparency is facilitated by locaEon transparency (as provided by DNS).   At finer granulariEes (e.g., at the level of objects) it can be very challenging. T4: RelocaEon Transparency (1) 12   Hide that a resource may move from one concrete node to another while in the process of being accessed.     For example, mobile clients (i.e., a resource from the point of view of a server), such as a smart phone running a web browser, should not experience disconEnuity. In the case of mobile telephony, this is integral to the nature of the interconnect. T4: RelocaEon Transparency (2) 13       RelocaEon transparency is oden challenging. MigraEon is not as hard because the assumpEon is that movement takes place in between accesses (i.e., one can suspend access to the resource, move it, then resume in the new loc...
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