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In livelock two or more processes that in compeeeon

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Unformatted text preview: siEng it into the other account.       This requires taking the logical unit of work as atomic. In this way, from the viewpoint of users requiring access to it, either the complete task is carried out or it is as if it have never been iniEated in the first place. Indeed, if it is carried out, then it is durable, i.e., it cannot be undone other than explicitly by a task that has the reverse effect. T6: Concurrency Transparency (3) 18       Enforcing consistency raises issues of contenEon (i.e., access may need to be blocked, and users made to wait). It may also lead to issues such as deadlock and livelock. In a deadlock, two or more processes that are in compeEEon to access one resource both enter a state of waiEng for the other to finish, and thus neither ever does.     In livelock, two or more processes that in compeEEon to access one resource, both change with respect to one another in such a way that one prevents the other from making...
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