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Unformatted text preview: aEon). Mobility is challenging if it involves transfer of process state that is essenEal for the correctness of the output. T5: ReplicaEon Transparency (1) 14     Hide that a resource may be copied in more than one node. Providers may copy a resource (e.g., a file, an applicaEon, such as a web server) and deploy it in more than one concrete node for reasons of fault ­ tolerance and scalability.     For example, most web sites with heavy traffic use replicaEon strategies to provide high availability and low response Eme. It is also becoming more common for people to use online tools (e.g., Google Calendar) whose data they expect to synchronize with that in desktop applicaEons. T5: ReplicaEon Transparency (2) 15       ReplicaEon transparency can be very challenging. It is less challenging when there is no need to keep replicas consistent. Otherwise maintaining a consistent view s...
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